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We offer Made in the USA Daikin Air Conditioners at a refreshingly affordable price.  Even on the hottest days of the year, you can keep your home cool and comfortable while enjoying low energy costs.  Don't choose between affordability, durability, and optimum cooling comfort.  Choose MacDonald Heating & Cooling and get all three, and perhaps the best warranty protection in the heating and cooling industry.




Daikin is a global leader for indoor comfort with millions of systems installed throughout the world. Daikin has been improving the comfort of its customers with exceptional products and services for many generations.

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lifetime compressor warranty.      R 410A refrigerant.

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Mini-Split Heating & Cooling
The energy efficient choice in comfort.


What is a Mini-Split?

Daikin heating and cooling systems provide individual room temperatures,
yet whole-home constsant comfort, year-round.
Systems allow for a peaceful inside environment because components
like compressors and motors are installed outdoors.



  • Connects one indoor unit to an outdoor unit.
  • Installs simply and unobtrusively to buildings with no need for ductwork.
  • Delivers a sophisticated air conditioning solution to single zone interior spaces at an affordable price.
  • Provides a simple solution for one-room additions.









  • Connects up to nine indoor units to a single outdoor unit.
  • Installs a complete air conditioning system to multiple zone interior spaces with no need for ductwork.
  • Provides individual control of room temperature settings.
  • Enables indoor units of different styles and capacities in one system for customized solutions unique to each residential setting.




Constant Comfort through Inverter Technology

 Inverter technology is like cruise control for your heating or cooling system. Compressors only run as fast as they need to handle the cooling or heating demand. They can handle greater extremes in temperature, are smoother and more stable in operation, and reach the desired temperature more quickly than conventional air conditioners.


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